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Story Archaeology Has Moved

Story Archaeology is no longer hosted on Further blog updates will be found here; When you get there, you can use the widget on the sidebar to subscribe and recieve said updates by email.

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Rowing Around Immráma 03: Immrám Uí Corra

The tale of the Uí Corra may start out as an intriguing fairy tale, but their journey is not for the faint of heart. Their quest for knowledge soon deepens into a dark and stormy voyage of tortured souls and infernal visions. Join the Story Archaeologists as they plumb the contradictory depths of this under-appreciated Immrám. Don’t forget …

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Attention Subscribers! We’re moving…

Dear subscribers, listeners, readers, followers, commentators and hangers-on…   You may have noticed a seeming silence from the Story Archaeologists for the last wee while. There are several reasons for this: Chris is exploring a 10,000 year old city in Turkey, Isolde has started rehearsals for her play, and we’re getting ready to move our …

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The Island of the Salmon

To travel in the hands of God. To put away the boat’s oars and let the undulating waves breathe them where they would. To watch the world’s sun light up the broad plain of the sea into molten gold, glittering with sudden sparks of silver like drowned stars. There was a great peace in this …

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Rowing Around Immráma 02: Immrám Snedgussa ocus Mac Ríagla

é In the aftermath of the Battle of Mag Rath, the Men of Ross endure a harsh sentence: to be set adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. Inspired by this, Snedgus and Mac Ríagla, two of St. Colmcille’s monks, decide to try it out for themselves. Hop aboard with the Story Archaeologists to explore another trench …

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